Allow us to introduce ourselves



We’re a little group of students-cum-friends from Luton Sixth Form College, who met through a common endearment for all things science-and-mathsy. We found our classes would be juggle about next year, and I suppose this is one way to keep us at least a little bit in contact.

We have all just completed our AS year, nervously awaiting results before we enter our A2 year, and hence apply for university. We are largely applying for science-centric courses at university, with the exception of Nadzia, who doesn’t really know whether she wants to be an architect or an engineer.

Right now, we are Dale Chapman, Monica Kumar, and Nadzia Laskar- expect more to follow.

Above is a picture of our lovely £56-million college building. Luton Sixth Form College was the first standalone Sixth Form College in the entirety of the United Kingdom. We boast the tuition of some 2600 students, with 80% of leavers going onto Higher Education every year.

Kisses and cuddles,

Dale Chapman

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