If stars were capable of forming mosh pits…

If stars were capable of forming mosh pits...

This is a Heavy Metal Subdwarf. Yep. That’s what these stars are called.
Observers of the sky have recently picked up on these clouds, which are thought to be 100 kilometres thick.
The naming of these stars comes from the fact that these clouds are made largely of Atom 82, Lead.

These stars are thought to be some insight into the birth of a class of star called subdwarves; stars which, at their core, burn helium rather than Hydrogen.

Scientists at the Very Large Telescope (yep, that’s an actual name of an actual telescope) in Chile were examining some 134 hot subdwarves, when they found two stars slightly different to the rest.
One 800 light years away from Earth, and the other 1000 light years away; they were both around seven times hotter than the sun. They found that this pair contained several thick layers of metal.
Through looking at an emission spectra of the stars, they discovered the metals present.

The astronomers at the Very Large Telescope have calculated that Lead is about 10,000 times more abundant in these stars than in our Sun.
This lead weighs approximately 100 billion tonnes.
These stars are arguably made of heavier metal than Iron Maiden.

Dale Chapman

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