The Tree Whose Bark is Far More Beautiful Than Its Bite

The Rainbow Eucalyptus

The Eucalyptus delupta, or as it is better known, The Rainbow Eucalyptus, is a very pretty tree.
It is so named because of the striking colours that can be seen upon its trunk and branches that make it look like a contemporary art project.

As the tree grows, it sheds its unusually smooth bark to reveal a vibrant green flesh. As this bark grows over time, its colour matures; giving blue, purple, orange, and maroon tones. The process occurs at random rates and in sporadic areas of the tree, leading to a living work of art.

As much as i’d love to have one sitting in my garden, my garden would have to be in New Guinea. I have a better chance of having this tree in my garden than any other eucalyptus, though, since it is the only eucalyptus grown naturally in the northern hemisphere.

Dale Chapman

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