The artist who conjures up clouds indoors

The artist who conjures up clouds indoors

Berndnaut Smilde was bored, so he decided to create a cloud indoors and take a picture of it. Or, at least, that’s how I picture it went down as this Dutch artist sat eating breakfast one morning.
The motive behind suspending small puffs of vapour in rooms and hallways of buildings is the ephemerality of it all. These clouds exist only very briefly, before dissipating into the room around it. They are around for but an instant, long enough to take a picture of it; and in that picture is where the cloud will exist henceforth.
This project, which has been named by Time as one of the top 10 inventions of 2012, has been called Nimbus- as in the Latin for ‘dark cloud’.
Since starting the project in 2010, Smilde has become fluent in the art of manipulating the weather of a room; setting specific levels of humidity and temperature before he releases a short puff from a fog machine while the conditions are ideal. He then quickly runs to his camera to take a snap before they disappear, leaving the room as it had always been before.
The beautiful part of these clouds is the way in which they look so wonderfully part of the room, while looking entirely out of place.
The brief nature of the clouds means that not many people have actually seen them in person. I sure would love to see one, though.

Dale Chapman

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