A lot of the recent posts on here have been fairly maths and science focused, so I thought it would be time for a quick little arty post.

The image I’ve posted above is my painting of one of my favourite pieces by Margaret Morrison, who I had to research for my Art GCSE. This painting took me around 8 hours, using acrylic paints. After painting this, I started to develop an obsession with painting jars and any other glass containers which would distort the image of any matter which is inside.

A question which I commonly get from people is how I managed to get the glass effect, and how it turns out looking so realistic. Before even attempting to initially paint this, I didn’t have a clue myself how I would get this particular effect. However, over time, I’ve come to realise that it’s probably one of the easiest things to paint. When it comes to painting in a realism manner, you really just have to paint EXACTLY what you see; every. single. little. detail. This includes the way the colours are scattered around due to refraction; the way the light is hitting the jar and so on and so forth.

Once I mastered the art of painting glass, I began to paint a lot more similar paintings, this included: pencils in jars, glass bottles, drinks, fish in bowls and the list goes on.

So anyway, this has been a bit of a different post, but I hope it’s gotten across how much i love painting jars. CIAO!


Nadzia Laskar

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