Beginning of Architecture

Beginning of Architecture

I personally find the very beginning of architecture extremely fascinating. The origins of architecture had no mystical beginning, and there was no ONE way of building shelters as homes or places of worship. It basically just emerged from the first self-conscious shaping of homes, monuments and cities 8000/9000 years ago. It began when people started to take up farming on a regular basis, a need for them having to settle down started to arise because they realised it was important to take care of their land rather than hunting and gathering nomadically as their ancestors had done. Once the people were settled down to farm, they started to create the first cities. Houses, shrines, temples and even palaces started to be built out of materials such as mud and bricks. One thing which I have noticed is the fact that even from the very beginning there was a desire for architecture to have immense structures which rose above the ground. Back then, it was seen as a way to get closer to the gods by having towering buildings which would reach into the sky. The priests at that time were looked upon very highly and gained power over time because people seemed to believe that they would be able bring fortune to the cities through their connections with god. These priests became wealthy, wealthy enough to have temples being built for them. With wealth, came great structures, so wealthy kings also had palaces built for them. It was these temples and palaces that were the first great works of architecture, the architecture we travel thousands of miles to see on holiday – ziggurats and pyramids, temples of brick, temples of marble. They reached for the sky and stole our imagination.

Nadzia Laskar

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