Generic Post About Cultured Meat.


It seems that nearly every publication in the country has said something about the lab-grown meat that was eaten earlier this week. This being said, I felt somewhat obliged to follow suit.

One of the co-founders of Google donated some 250,000 Euros to this project, which took a mere five years of research to reach this point- all of this is really quite impressive. I don’t deny that it is impressive that the burger, grown my Park Post in the Netherlands, just sprouted from a petri dish. I do, however, think that there’s all a little bit too much hype over it.

Most of the media coverage this week has been claiming that  world hunger is now solved. Nobody will ever be hungry again, because someone ate a lab-grown burger. I’m not being funny, but at 250,000 euros a burger, I don’t think it’s really a solution to anything just yet. The commercialisation of a lab-grown meat market is a very distant dream.

I quite like the idea of, in 20 years time, popping to mcdonalds for a test-tube quarter pounder with cheese.

According to Mark Post, cell numbers double every 24-30 hours. This means that a single cell has the potential to reach a weight of ten tonnes in a matter of just 7 weeks.


Other posts on the internet and in newspapers have discussed ethical issues surrounding eating cultured meat. For instance, can lab meat be considered Kosher or Halal? Is it okay for vegetarians to eat it? I suppose you could  treat cultured meat in the same way you would Quorn meat- or Tofu. If you’re eating something that smells like meat, and tastes like meat, then there is the desire in your mind to eat meat, and you should probably feel bad for that. However, you’re not really eating meat. so it seems alright to me.


In any case, I’m excited for what the future holds in terms of meat products grown in labs.


Dale Chapman


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