Danny Quirk and his awe-inspring anatomical artwork.

ImageIn Danny Quirk’s Facebook ‘Personal Information’ section, he claims to be a young emerging artist. He’s emerged. He’s surfaced. He’s sprouted wings and his art is flapping about with the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci. Well, not quite, but hopefully you see my point.

Now I don’t know a lot about art, and I can’t say I know a terrible amount about anatomy either. That doesn’t matter, though, because Quirk’s work makes me feel like an expert in both. When looking at his pieces, I feel educated, inspired, and cultured.

Quirk recently graduated from the Pratt Institute, where he majored in Illustration. In the past, he focused on the real lives of the infantry, and his work detailed the whole process of being in the military, from soldiers saying their goodbyes, to the aftereffects of war, such as the unseen wound, PTSD.

More recently however, his work has become a lot more anatomical, and displays subjects such as the left, where a man bares his chest to reveal his heart.

He even works with latex, sharpie, and acrylic paints on bodies, as below. He is currently working on publishing a reference book for medical students, in which he uses real models to show the inner workings of the body. All of his work is anatomically correct and entirely fit for use by a medical professional. It is beautiful, and real.

If this is the first time you have heard of Danny Quirk, I thoroughly urge you to check out some more of his work on Facebook, and even consider purchasing a print on Etsy.


Dale Chapman


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