Who needs a VW Camper anyway?

ImageThere are some people in the world that are told while at school, “You can go out into the world and do anything“. Hank Butitta is one of this number. He was told he could do anything, so he did.

Hank studied architecture at the University of Minnesota, where he converted a bus into his own home for his Master’s final project.

During his years at university, he grew tired of drawing buildings day after day that would never see the light of day. So he bought a bus, and converted it into his own little home. While converting a retired vehicle into a living space is not an entirely original idea, it is a clever one. Putting a deposit down on a house would have cost a considerable amount more than Hank’s school bus home. He found the once-in-service bus on craigslist for $3000 (~£2000) and spend some $6000 (~4000) on improvements to the vehicle.

Hank wanted to raise awareness to architecture students that their field of work and study is not limited to buildings. He says that too many architecture students don’t understand the limitations of the materials they work with, or the ways in which they join together. He hopes that more prospective architects will start to do things, instead of sticking purely to the theoretical side.


Hank admits that it is not quite the perfect home, but it is indeed the ultimate road trip vehicle.

The spontaneous project, which spawned in Hank’s mind a week before his final term, took some fifteen weeks to complete, and won a critic’s choice award from his university.

Throughout the project, he had a photographer friend, Justin Evidon, to document what was happening. They now run a blog  together, called Hank Bought a Bus, where they blog about their road trip on a school bus. They pick up friends from various states, and drive up to national parks and appreciate the world around them in their simple custom-RV.


Hank and his friends are one a 5,000 mile trip across the states. The bus sleeps 6 comfortably, where he says nobody feels that their space is ever being invaded.

Hank doesn’t know what he’s going to do when he finishes his cross-country journey that ends later this month, but he does know that the only time it will be parked is when it breaks down.


Dale Chapman


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