A pondering about the human body

As I walked home from my sixth form today, I started to think about the human immune system.

I thought about the fact that due to the rate of reproduction of bacteria and the fact that this high rate (relative to the rate of reproduction of humans) means that evolution in germs occurs much more rapidly than humans. 

I’m not a student of biology, so my view on this might be very naive, but to me it seems that germs can recognise what humans are immune to and respond to these immunities swiftly- that’s how superbugs happen, right? 

I find it quite amazing that the immune system relies only very loosely on genetics to be able to fight this ongoing battle against disease. We gain immunity to something, and it responds, and our immune system responds back. It’s quite marvelous that all this happens while we’re so blissfully unaware.


Excuse the probably massive amount of inaccuracy in this post but, I just wanted to share my thoughts.

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