Global Warming and the BBC

I was watching the BBC News this evening, and one of the main bulletins was about Global Warming. I knew I would have to brace myself for another almost meaningless news report that discusses the issue in the least scientific way possible. I always find that mainstream media almost insults the intelligence of their viewers – I am perfectly aware that the entire public does not possess high levels of scientific knowledge (nor is it even necessary), but this does not mean that everything needs to be oversimplified to the point of which, there remains little or no science at all!


I spent the five minutes just trying to understand the point of the bulletin, as far as I could tell, it was just regurgitating the same story that they normally do – ‘The Earth’s temperature is rising due to CO2 emissions caused by human activity, the Government calls for reductions in everyone’s carbon footprint’. The report claims that although temperatures have been increasing in comparison to the last few decades, since around 2002, temperatures on Earth have apparently decreased. That was pretty much it. No explanation, no real insight into anything affecting anyone, they simply produced a pretty graphic of the temperature change over the decades, and then showed some video clips of some awful weather conditions experienced in the Americas and China.


I still do not really know what the report intended to explain…


Anyway, the general public is aware of the basics surrounding global warming, and they are also aware of the simple things they could be doing to help reduce the impact of our horrible CO2 ­emissions. They are however, very ignorant too, and are unwilling to make the minor changes in their lifestyles. News reports from broadcasters like the BBC do not help the matter either – if they actually provided some real science bulletins, perhaps our public would respond a bit differently.


Not too sure why I turned this into a blogpost, it is more of a rant than blogging about scientific knowledge for today, so apologies. Perhaps I will research the current state of Global Warming, and return with a well-informed and constructive post!


Monica xoxo

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