The number 1, is my #1.

The number 1 is really great. You can do a lot of great things with it, for instance: if you take the 18947th root of 1, you get 1. how onederful.

1 raised to the power 1, is also 1. any number raised to the power 0, is 1. Even 0 itself. That’s right, 1 is so fundamental and so powerful that raising nothing to the power of itself, is 1. Conversely, when we take the natural log of 1, we return to 0. 1 is mysterious. Further to this, when we find the factorial(!) of 0 (where the factorial of a number is found by multiplying that number by every number before it until you return to 0) we get 1, such that 0! = 1.

Arguably one of the most famous identities in mathematics, Euler’s identity, shows how some of the most exciting numbers in maths all relate back to 1.

If we take e, a transcendental number, which is the base of the natural logarithm, and an important number in the study of continuous compounding interest; raise it to the power of i, the square root of negative 1 (which makes the life of an engineer a lot easier), and π, the ratio between the circumference of a circle and its diameter, we get -1. It’s all marvelously coincidental.

Historically, the number 1 is so important. When humans, or anything that even bore resemblance to humans, started counting things, they started by counting 1 of something. We’d be so lost without 1.

1 helps every other number to identify itself. You can multiply any number you like by 1, and you’ll get that same number. It is so useful, versatile, and beautiful.

I love 1, and so should you.

Check out this video from Sal Khan about the identity property of 1. I understand it's basic, but I think that all too often we fail to think about how useful fundamental knowledge can be.
Identity Property of 1: Identity Property of 1


Dale Chapman

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