The beauty of game theory, pt. 1: An introduction to Prisoner’s Dilemma




Game theory is a mathematical discipline that is almost unheard of in the British a level curriculum, especially in non-private colleges. It is also a discipline that is immensely important in a number of different fields, such as economics and political science. “So why, Cameron-” I hear you saying, “-is it shunned so by our teaching staff? For decision maths is a module available for any student taking Further Pure AS to take!”. Well, guys, i hate to break it to you, but decision maths is incredibly dense. It’s also difficult to teach, which might go some way to explaining it’s lack of inclusion in the majority of people’s further maths AS level.
However, as indicated by the title, I do find a certain beauty in certain aspects of this certainly entrancing subject. Prisoner’s dilemma is one of those aspects. Part one, in fact.
And thus we begin our…

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